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LSI Staffing's Service Process

LSI Staffing's smart, progressive service process is designed to better identify the highest quality people. The process includes:

  • Predatory screening
    Our four-step screening process identifies and eliminates predatory candidates from being considered for job assignments.

    • Step 1 Initial phone contact notifies all new applicants they are subject to immediate drug screen and background check.
    • Step 2 Facility Visuals: Postings throughout our offices send a clear message that workers compensation fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extend possible.
    • Step 3 All in-person applicants agree in writing to undergo drug screen / criminal background checks before they can apply.
    • Step 4 All applicants accept our aggressive Return-to-Work program which eliminates lost time (couch time) associated with an on-the-job injury.
  • Drug screen & background checks
    Every candidate agrees to submit to our clients request for pre-employment drug tests and a criminal background check.
  • Structured placement interviews
    A staffing manager extensively interviews each candidate to assess skills, experience, education, and training levels.
  • Reference checks
    LSI Staffing checks each candidate's references to verify skills, abilities, education, and job experience, and to determine if any previous job performance issues exist.
  • Training & testing
    Candidates who successfully complete this process will then undergo basic safety training. For office and professional positions, LSI also performs testing to assess a candidate's skill level in the latest software programs, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Customer requested testing
    Upon your request, we can also administer any other necessary job-related testing.

What's Measured Improves. What's Not Doesn't.

For that reason, LSI's proprietary software allows us to provide custom and detailed reports for you to effectively manage the cost of supplemental staffing.

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