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LSI Employee Safety

At LSI Staffing, we want to ensure your safety while you're on assignment. For that reason, we ask that you read through and follow the general safety guidelines provided below.

For a more detailed list of safety rules, please download LSI Staffing's Safety Guide brochure.

LSI Staffing General Safety Guidelines:

  1. Rules cannot be written to cover every possible situation that may occur. Therefore, you must always keep work safety in mind while on the job.

    • You must always protect yourself.
    • You must help ensure the safety of others.
    • You are responsible for performing your job in a safe manner.
    • You must follow all safety rules at the client worksite.
  2. Practical jokes and horseplay are not permitted.
  3. Being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance during work assignments is prohibited and subject to termination.
  4. Running on client property during your work assignment is not permitted.
  5. Working alone in a confined space, such as a storage tank, is not permitted.
  6. Never work from or climb an extension ladder without someone holding it or having it properly secured.
  7. Never walk in front of heavy objects that are being moved on carts or other material handling devices.
  8. Never handle chemicals or hazardous materials unless you have been properly trained.
  9. Keep your work area neat and clean.
  10. Use common sense and good judgment on the job.

Safety Questions?

If you have any questions about a job safety issue, please contact the LSI office nearest you immediately.

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